Irving Villegas (b. 1982) is a Mexican photographer currently based in Hannover & Berlin, Germany.
He studied photojournalism and documentary photography at University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Hannover. In 2005 he started to collaborate with national and international newspapers, news-photo agencies and NGOs. His works has been published in several magazines and newspapers such as The New York Times, The Guardian, Der Spiegel, 6 mois,  Huffington post, Fluter, Hannover allgemeine Zeitung.
You can write to me in: German, Spanish or English.


- 2014 PhotOn Festival Award (Photojournalist Festival in Valencia, Spain) with the project „Working far away“.
- 2014 Honorable Mention at Perugia Social Photo Fest (Perugia , Italy) with the project
„Working far away“.
- 2014 Finalist in Emergentes dst Award at Encontros da Imagen in Braga, Portugal. with the project
„Working far away“.
- 2010 Finalis in the cover magazine contest. "Titelbilder-Wettbewerb 2010 PP" Photopresse Magazine , Germany.
- 2009 Honorary Mention " in the 8. International Barnack Biennales 2009 , Lynow, Germany.
- 2009 Finalis in the cover magazine contest. "Titelbilder-Wettbewerb 2009 PP"
Photopresse Magazine , Germany.
- 2006 First and second place in diferents categories in National Geographic competition
"Luces de America 2006, Mexico.


- 2020 "Tag der Toten"  exhibition at Metavier Galerie, October. Hannover Germany.
- 2015 „Working far awayexhibition at „Triennial of Photography Hamburg“ .June. Hamburg, Germany.
- 2015 "Working far away"  exhibition at "Kolga Tbilisi photo Festival" .May. Tbilisi. Georgien.
- 2015 "Working far away"  exhibition at "Photon Festival" .May. Valencia. Spain
- 2015 "Working far away" exhibition at "Focus photography Festival" .March. Mumbai, India.
- 2011  Format Festival  (Derby/ UK)   The  artworks was commissioned by collectives encounter's currator Yasmina Reggad for an exhibition during the Format festival in Derby.
- 2010 Gymnaka Photo España 2010 (Madrid,Spain)
- 2006 "Expofotoperiodismo", Museo de la ciudad de Mexico.
- 2006 "71 Imagenes"Centro cultural AROC Mexico.


- 2015 "Working far away" at Slideluck CORTONA ON THE MOVE. Cortona, Italy,July 2015
- 2015 "Working far away" Night Projection at  Encontros da Imagen. September. Braga, Portugal
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